Partial Lunar Eclipse Today; Here’s When You Can Watch It

Bhubaneswar: A partial lunar eclipse will take place at night today in many countries including India.

It will also be visible in Odisha.

Besides India, it will be visible in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

It will be visible in different parts of Odisha from 12.13 am to 5.24 am. It will be visible to the naked eye from 1.31 am to 4.29 am, informed Dr Subhendu Pattnaik, Deputy Director of Pathani Samanta Planetarium, Bhubaneswar.

The maximum eclipse will be 65 per cent and will be visible at 3 am, he added.

It will not be visible in many parts of Arunachal Pradesh.

Patnaik also said that the viral news on social media that this type of lunar eclipse is taking place after 149 years is totally wrong. A total lunar eclipse occurred in July 2018 and also on January 21 this year, he added.

“There is also news that this partial lunar eclipse will be terrific. It is wrong. It will look really very beautiful. It is perfectly safe to look at the  lunar eclipse directly with your eyes,” said Patnaik.

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