Passion For Fitness Drives Odisha Youth To Open Free Gym In Forest Area

Koraput: A tribal youth has opened a free gym at a forest near Panjiaguda in Koraput district.

The youth, Sibaram Kotia, has used tyres, trunks and branches of tree, cement concrete and sand to make the exercise instruments at the open gym.

“Children, youths as well as the elderly are all interested to stay fit these days. People are go either to a gym by paying money or they go for morning walks. In my gym, people can do exercise in open air and green surroundings,” said Sibaram.

A driver by profession, Sibaram has been passionate about physical fitness since his childhood and to inspire the youths to stay fit, he has opened the gym.

He has started putting effort to open the gym since last two years. He is also giving training in the gym free of cost. For the maintenance of the gym, Sibaram used to spend money from his salary.

“I have learned exercise and gymnastics using sword and stick from my father, Sitram Kotia. Though my father was a rickshaw puller, he always wanted to make us physically fit. As I have seen poverty at close hand, I decided to give training to the youth free of cost,” said Sibaram.

He has taken training from one gym for six months, but couldn’t continue for financial condition. He observed the gym instruments, where he was taking training and then started setting up the gym in the forest area.

Initially, only three youths came to his gym. Now, around 35 youths from Nua Sahi, Jey Nagar, Bariniput, Christian Sahi , Panjiaguda and Bayaguda areas are regular visitors.

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