Photoshoot At A Railway Station That Will Tickle Your Funny Bones!


Bhubaneswar: Till the world gets a vaccine, all that can be done to try and be safe from coronavirus is stay at home or follow social distancing strictly if you step out.

One way to ensure social distancing is to mark circles so that people can stand keeping a safe distance from the next person. This practice has been followed at shops, markets, liquor shops, bus stops and other public places where people have been visiting on a regular basis.

Local and suburban train services are yet to resume, but circles drawn at a railway station in West Bengal has triggered a laughter riot.

The circles have been so oddly placed that it looks like these were made by a bot that was asked to mark them out at particular distances without taking into account whether they came under the staircase, drawn over two steps, half of a circle under the pole and so on.

A person clicked photographs standing on these oddly-placed circles and shared those on Twitter. Have a look, they are sure to tickle your funny bones.

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  1. Bharadwaj Mishra says

    This is so sweet and so funny.. highly creative..

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