Plea To Civil Aviation Ministry To Cover All Air Passengers Under Ticket Refund Norms


Mumbai: A consumer rights group has appealed to Union Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Suri to revise guidelines to refund tickets to all air passengers affected by the lockdown.

In a letter to the minister, Mumbai Grahak Panchayat on Tuesday said the Centre should follow the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development advisory to member states on the issue, according to a Business Standard report.
On April 16, the civil aviation ministry had directed the airlines to provide refunds to passengers whose flights were cancelled due to lockdown. But the ministry’s direction did not include the passengers who had booked tickets prior to the announcement of the lockdown, pointed out the Panchayat.
“The April 16 guidelines left out a large number of passengers who had booked tickets in advance. They need to be given refund benefit too,” Panchayat chairman Shirish Deshpande said.


Similarly, he objected to the airlines offering passengers credit shells instead of a refund and allowing them an option to rebook at a later date. “We need to strike a balance. A customer should have choice of refund and the airline can not force a customer to opt for credit shell, ” Deshpande said.

Domestic flights were suspended on March 24 and operations resumed on May 25. International flights remain suspended till date.

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  1. Kiran kumar Buch says

    Yes,They should give us refund since we have booked the tickets in February for the journey date of 18th april…..Moreover airlines insist that the amount will be used for the same passengers.I booked tickets to travel to attend a marriage in Ranchi along with my friend,now marriage will take place in simple ceremony,my friend need not to travel for the purpose,then why they should not allow us to utilized the amount by the principle person for family members???otherwise they should give us the option of refund the amount…..

  2. tapan majumdar says

    the order of refund dated 16042020 by Moca is very much discrematory. the full refunds will be given to those who booked tickets within 25 03 2020 to03052020 for flights within that period. But the refund in full are not being given for those who booked tickets before 25032020 but whose flights were cancelled due to lockdown by govt. the air india is pressing those to reshedule and who donot have the need now to reschedule , the compny is asking to pay charge for canceelation applicable. How double standard when the passengers have no fault for cancellation of their flights due to lockdown imposed by Govt who booked the tickets and paid before lockdown

  3. Jagnoor Banwait says

    Not only that but there should also be a release for refund for the people who booked tickets through an agent , as for the fact
    2.AIR INDIA cancelled the flight , so it’s not the customer’s fault.
    3. The fares we paid now for the ticket is Three times more than it is under normal circumstances.
    Taking all of this in view customer deserves a refund no matter where the ticket was bought from !

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