Polish Girl Comes Calling To Bhubaneswar To Trace Her Odia Lover

Bhubaneswar: It’s a script straight out of a Bollywood potboiler. A boy meets a girl on social media, proposes her but before she could express her feelings, he hung up the phone. She is now determined to find him. But unlike the reel life, this story is for real; has taken the social media by storm and has got an international flavour to it as well. The boy with whom this girl Katy from distant Poland intends to spend the rest of her life with is from Bhubaneswar.
This love struck girl has made a fervent appeal in accented Odia through her post on Facebook for help to trace him. The message has gone viral, striking an emotive chord with Facebook users. She has received blessings, good wishes and even a warning about a possible trap. Someone has even proposed to her to solicit the support of Odisha Chief Minister.
“Maybe I couldn’t reply anything when he proposed to me. But now, my every heartbeat echoes his words ‘Mu Tumaku Bhala Paye’. So, I have decided to find him. I don’t know how. I have gathered all possible contacts to find him and tell him that ‘Mu Tumaku Bhala Paye’. Yes, I am coming to Bhubaneswar, so please share this video because maybe somewhere he is watching it. ‘Tame jadi mate dekhucha, mu asuchi tama pakahaku’ (If you are watching this, then I am coming to you),” she explained, mixing her appeal with emotions.
The video has been shared again and again by followers.
“Hi Guys, I am recording this video because I want your help and best wishes. This is my story. I met a guy on social media. Everything started from the friend request on Facebook. He was a funny and lovable guy. Day by day, we started sharing a lot of things about ourselves. He used to tell me, ‘Mu Tumaku Bhala Paye’ (I like you). I had no idea what he meant from that. He is from India, Bhubaneswar. After one month, he proposed to me again, this time I understood what he is saying as he had taught me few phrases in Odia.”
“I loved his company and his cute accent. But the moment he proposed, I went blank. I did not know what to reply. He kept saying his feelings and I was speechless. After some moments of silence, he said ‘Mate Reply Diya, Mu Wait Karichi’ (please reply, I am waiting). But when I did not answer, he hung up the phone. Two days went by, there was no call or text from his side. I opened WhatsApp and saw that his display picture was not showing. I even tried to call him but couldn’t connect. I went searching for his profile on Facebook but his account was deleted,” she added.

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