Poor Air Quality Can Affect Recovered COVID-19 Patients

Mumbai: As temperature drops, so does air quality in most Indian cities. Doctors in Pune have reportedly issued a warning for people who have recovered from COVID-19 and those suffering from lung ailments.


Polluted air can cause chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) and prolong recovery process of COVID-19 patients.

“A drop in air quality makes it more difficult for COPD patients to breathe. We advise COPD patients and those who have recently recovered from COVID-19 not to step out in polluted air,” said Dr Vaibhav Pandharkar, a pulmonologist from Noble Hospital.

He also said that they have observed development of lung fibrosis in recovered patients. He recommended taking extra precautions.

Earlier, a Harvard University study had shown that an increase of only one microgram per cubic metre in PM 2.5 pollutant is associated with an 8 per cent increase in the Covid-19 death rate.

Experts recommend using air purifiers to cut down on air pollution inside homes, offices and cars. Wearing N95 masks can also help do it.

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