Prize Catch! Fisherman Nets ‘Bhekti’ Off Balasore Coast; Takes Home Rs 9 Lakh

Balasore: Friday proved to be a lucky day for a fisherman, who netted two ‘Bhekti’ fish, weighing around 30 kg each, along the Balasore coastline.

The fisherman, who had set sail in a small boat, caught ‘Bhekti’ (Asian Sea Bass), which has a mild flavour and white flaky flesh, along with pomfret and other varieties of fish.

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By the time he touched the Digha coast, traders had already lined up to take part in the impending auction. The two fish fetched him Rs 9,60,000 with them being sold at Rs 16,000 a kg.

The fish is quite an iconic table fair in the Australian and Thai cuisines. In Bengal, the Bhetki is cooked as Bhetki ‘macher paturi’ or coated with Suji. For the Goans, their local catch of ‘Bhekti’ is known as Chonak which they prepare in red spices or serve pan-fried.


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