Rly Ministry Approves Construction Of Flyover With Rs 191 Crore In Odisha’s Kurda Road Station

Bhubaneswar: In response to the growing train traffic and congestion at Khurda Road station, the Ministry of Railways has sanctioned a significant infrastructure project.

The East Coast Railway (ECoR) had earlier proposed construction of the flyover bridge to facilitate smoother train operations in the Howrah-Chennai Main Line and Khurda Road-Puri Branch Line. The flyover bridge of 7.41 km is estimated to cost Rs 191.87 crore.

Set to be executed under the Energy Corridor Scheme of Indian Railways, the project is expected to enhance the efficiency and capacity of train movements in this busy section. It aims at addressing the increasing train traffic problems by providing a dedicated infrastructure for trains from Puri towards Bhubaneswar without crossing other lines at Khurda Road station.

The new flyover will also eliminate detentions on account of cross-movements, improving the average speed and operational efficiency of trains in both Howrah-Chennai Main Line and Khurda Road-Puri Branch Line. The Main Line trains will no longer be detained at Khurda Road, significantly reducing the waiting period for trains approaching this busy junction.

The flyover will facilitate simultaneous movements of trains in Bhubaneswar-Brahmapur and Khurda Road-Puri Rail Sections. Previously, train movements had to be halted at Khurda Road to allow cross-traffic from Puri, leading to delays and operational inefficiencies.

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