Rogue Monkey Caught By Forest Personnel After Injuring 20 People In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Residents of Naharkanta area in Bhubaneswar heaved a sigh of relief after forest officials captured a rogue monkey that had unleashed terror in the locality for the last few days.

The monkey had reportedly attacked and injured over 20 people in the last few days, according to sources.

Residents of the area were scared of moving out of houses as the animal had created panic among them. Children and women were afraid of venturing out and chose to confine themselves indoors. People used to arm themselves with sticks and iron rods while venturing out.

Locals said the male monkey had been attacking and biting people in the locality and at least 20 persons had fallen victim to its aggression. Some people tried to drive it away but failed.

After being informed by the locals, forest personnel launched an operation to capture and rescue the monkey last night. They had a tough time chasing the animal carrying a net. However, it was not an easy task, a forest official said.

Finally, the money was caught and forest personnel along with animal lovers took the animal to a safe place. Steps would be taken to release it after thorough medical check-up.

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