RSP Develops Full Body Sanitizer Dispensing System To Combat COVID-19

Rourkela: The enterprising collective of SAIL Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) has developed a full-body sanitizer dispensing system to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

The system developed at the mechanical shop consists of a pump unit, a spraying unit and a sanitizer chamber. All the components of the system have been arranged in-house with the help of different departments of the plant.

An old and discarded pump unit with the motor has been supplied by the blast furnaces mechanical department for the system while the four nozzles fixed in the system have been provided by the coke ovens mechanical department. The components have been reconditioned at the shops-mechanical unit of the plant which has also fabricated the trolleys with wheels for both the pump unit and the spraying unit for portability. The sprayer has been mounted on the stand of the trolley make it possible to swivel. The sanitizer chamber has been developed in-house by structural and fabrication shop department.

The sanitizer chamber will be used to concentrate the mists being sprayed by the sprayer for effective human sanitization.

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