Sanitise Your Laptop & Mobile, Wear Masks: Rules For Offices In Odisha

Bhubaneswar: As the state government prepares to ease lockdown measures and allows reopening of workplaces, here is a list of dos and don’ts issued by the Health Department:

  • Wear masks inside the office
  • Sanitise your laptop, mobile and other gadgets
  • Avoid closed space and close contacts
  • Seek immediate medical attention if you feel sick

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Twin City Police Commissioner Sudhanshu Sarangi on Wednesday has warned that corona has not disappeared even though the lockdown is being eased. The Health Department too echoed the same by stating “we have to work to save our livelihood” even during this pandemic.

The Commissionerate Police also said that stricter action will be taken if norms such as wearing face masks and social distancing are violated.

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