[Watch] Savour Pakhala At These Joints In Bhubaneswar, Cuttack

Bhubaneswar/Cuttack: The special day of Pakhala Dibasa is incomplete without savouring the delicious watered-rice with a wide range of side dishes. For those away from home, hotels in the twin cities have come up with a exciting variations.

Michael’s Kitchen

Like every year, Michael’s Kitchen has come up with innovations for every Odia’s favourite summer dish with his Progressive Pakhala Festival.

The pakhala lovers can just check-in at the restaurant at Gajapati Nagar and enjoy Odia Pakhala with a fresh makeover. Bhut Jholakia Pakhala or Thai Punch Pakhala, South Indian Chaska Pakhala or Orange Mandarin Pakhala, these are just a few examples of the progressive pakhala you can look for at the festival.

Michael’s is also running a contest where the customer can take a picture while eating at the Festival at Michael’s Kitchen. More details available on the food joint’s Facebook page.


This restaurant provides a variety of Odia cuisine and especially pakhala side dishes. You can visit the Dalma restaurant in Madhusdhan Nagar and Patia.



One can enjoy exotic vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes at this luxurious restaurant in Bhubaneswar at Jaydev Vihar.

Hotel Shital, Cuttack

Hotel Shital here is serving Pakhala in both par-boiled and steamed rice varieties. The watered rice is tempered with yogurt, mango ginger, curry leaves, lemon and green chilli. The side dishes include fish fry, shrimps, fish chops and chencha, which is quite appealing among the customers. The thali is priced at Rs 399.

The vegetarian thali, priced at Rs 299, also has a large variety. Sajjana Chuin bhaja, kakharu phula pitha, badhi chura and more.

Another food joint, Hotel Mila Misa at Cuttack’s Bajrakabati is serving the ‘dahi pakhala’ with 7 side dishes for Rs 90.

Some other commonplaces where you can find the pakhala platter in Bhubaneswar are:

The Silver Spoon:
Located in Nalco Square, this food joint is home to a variety of food items. One of the exotic dishes is Dahi Pakhala and many other non-veg food items to go along with it.

Shohala Ana Odia

Enjoy Dahi Pakhal in this hotel in Patia along with a myriad other food items like ‘chinguri’ and mutton. If you are a fan of this dish – this place is unmissable!


The name itself speaks about its speciality. Located in Kharvel Nagar and boasts a gamut of dishes on fish to go with pakhala.

Ekamra Haat

The exhibition hub and trade centre is located in the heart of the city. It has some of the best and authentic food joints that serve pakhala with a wide variety of  dishes during summer. These joints are chock-a-block with students and working professionals who find some relaxing time in the shade of the trees and the cool pakhala.

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