SC Quashes Case Against Priya Varrier

New Delhi: The Chief Justice of India (CJI), Dipak Misra, slammed the complainants of the case against Malayalam actor Priya Prakash Varrier for the song of her movie ‘Oru Adaar Love’ on Friday.

A group of people had earlier filed the case stating that the actor had hurt their sentiment with a wink in the popular song.

According to Varrier’s lawyers, the song praises the love between the Prophet Mohammed and his first wife Khadeeja, while the complainants had claimed that winking is not permitted in Islam. To which the CJI had exclaimed, “It’s only a song!”

“Somebody in a film sings a song and you have no other job but to file a case,” the CJI said.

The Hyderabad police had registered the case on grounds of “deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings.”

The top court cancelled the case and the charges against Varrier, the director and also the producer of the movie.

Varrier’s wink and smile in the song had made her an internet sensation.

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