Shameful! Dhoni’s 5-Year Old Daughter Ziva Gets Rape Threats

Mumbai: In a shameful incident, insensitive social media users have been sending rape threats to Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s five-year-old daughter Ziva after Chennai Super Kings lost to Kolkata Knight Riders in the recent IPL match.

Cricket, being a popular game, has turned its fans into maniacs. Cricket lovers, who are quite emotional about the game, don’t spare any player if their performance is not up to the mark.

And recently, it was CSK Captain MS Dhoni who became a target of insensitive online haters after his team lost the match to KKR on Wednesday.

While trolling Dhoni, the haters attacked his five-year-old daughter Ziva too and posting abusive messages and rape threats for the child.

Slamming the abusers, some social media users wrote

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