‘Ship School’ A Great Hit With Students In Odisha’s Malkangiri


Malkangiri: From far off, it looks like a ship, but turns out to be a school on closer inspection.

In a unique initiative to attract students, the authorities in Malkangiri district have created the shape of a ship at Chitrakonda temporary colony to serve as a school. They have also painted a picture of a ship named ‘Gurupriya Setu’ on the school wall to make it look real.

The initiative has worked wonders with students now more than eager to attend classes at this ship-shaped school.

Malkangiri is one of the underdeveloped districts of Odisha. The children of this district had only seen the pictures of trains, planes and ships in books, but didn’t have opportunity to see these things in real. That is why, the school authority took this initiative to help the children can gain knowledge.

Even the walls of the classrooms are depicted with paintings to explain the workings of a ship. “The students can feel like they are sitting inside a ship while studying in their classrooms,” said a local.

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