Shri Jagannath Temple Receives US Dollars As Donation

Puri: The Jagannath Temple Administration on Tuesday discovered 26 US Dollar from the Hundi (donation box) of the Shrine during the process of recording the valuables.

At the time of counting of the donated money and ornaments, the 26 US Dollars were found. The total value and the denomination could not be ascertained.

The dollars would have been donated by NRIs as foreign tourists are prohibited to enter the temple, the temple administration believe.

In all, the donation received amounted to Rs 2, 14, 089. The temple recorded more than 14 gram gold and 96 kg silver from the box.

Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) officials count money and other valuables donated in the Hundi in daily basis and share the information on a notice board.

Last year, the temple administration had also recorded foreign currencies such as 20 Australian and 26 US Dollar from the Hundi.

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