Sunday Poem: You In Me

I carry in me
Your ineffable smile
When the heart takes off
On the lightening sky
A dead branch greening
Or a flighting bird.
The twinkle in your eyes
Lights me up
To another’s joyous smile
Of a win achieved
Or the freedom
In the skip and jump of a truant school boy.

Your peace colour’s my day
In acceptance
Of the damaged
Homing in
To the suffering behind the darkness.
Every encounter is recast
In your shared humanity
The brotherhood
behind the beggar’s bowl
By the roadside
A nursing mother’s content
A sweeper’s dignity
In his broom.

The enormity of your
Balms the sting
Of every day’s misfortune
Father of my heart
You lived so many lessons
Of immeasurable grace
With my own hands
I surrendered you to the embrace
Of the fire and the earth
Yet, bit by bit
You are distilled in my being
And I am predetermined
To relive you
Again, and again.

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