Sunny Deol Reveals He Was A Dyslexic Child

New Delhi: Sunny Deol, who is currently basking in the success of Gadar 2, recently revealed that he was dyslexic as a child and would often also get slapped for not scoring well in studies.

“I was dyslexic as a child. Back then, we didn’t even know what that meant! Thappad padte the, duffer hai, padhai nahi aati (I would get slapped, called duffer for not being able to study). Even now when it comes to reading, sometimes the words seem all jumbled up. Often people say to use a teleprompter (at public gatherings) but I refuse! I am like, ‘You tell me what to say, I will try to say it,’” said Sunny in an interview with Ranveer Allahbadia.

He also recalled that despite being dyslexic, he had a ‘very high’ IQ. “Me being dyslexic never came up in conversation over the years. But it used to get difficult, initially I would feel (nervous) to speak. Now, with age may be, I feel I have opened up more. But back in the day whenever someone would hand over the microphone to me, I would wonder, ‘Now what do I say?’” added the Apne 2 star.


As for Gadar 2, after reaching the Rs 460 crore mark, the director, Anil Sharma shared the ideology behind the massive success of the movie, “For making a film more than ideology you need to have sensitivity and sympathy. You need to ask yourself the real purpose you want to make a certain film. When I was planning Gadar 2, I had a lot of pressure because of the first Gadar. So, for me it was very important to bring the feel and nostalgia of Gadar in Gadar 2 and the story should move forward with the characters of Gadar 1 only and not just make a sequel with different characters, story, and name it Gadar 2. Hence, I thought of taking forward the story of Gadar 1 characters,” he told Entertainment Times.

He further added, “Just like the ideology behind Gadar 1 was Ram, Sita ko Lanka se lekar aaenge’, the thought behind Gadar 2 was ‘Abhimanyu ek chakravyuh mein phasa hua hai aur Arjun use Chakravyuh se bahar laaenge’. Just think for once, when Abhimanyu is caught in a Chakravyuh and at that moment Arjun comes to his rescue, what will happen? Mahabharat will come to an end! As soon as this thought came to my mind and I spoke about it with Shaktiamn I got goosebumps and at that very moment, I realized this movie will do a business of Rs 500 crores and would make a special place in people’s hearts.”
He concluded, “The love for Gadar 1 and the emotion for Gadar 2 will stay in people’s hearts because there is no bigger emotion than a father-son bond. If a son is caught and the father comes to his rescue then what will happen? This was the thought behind Gadar 2 and this thought with god’s blessing gave this film the success it deserved.”


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