Taliban Bans All Foreign TV Series In Afghanistan

Kabul: The Taliban has banned the broadcast of all foreign TV series in Afghanistan, ANI reported.

“The Taliban clearly said to stop showing any foreign TV series translated into Dari or Pashto (official languages of Afghanistan),” Sputnik quoted a participant in Thursday’s meeting of Afghan broadcasters as saying.

The current regime in Afghanistan, which took over in August last year after US troops withdrew from the war-torn country, won’t accept any excuse for violating the ban, the participant said.

In the absence of a film industry in Afghanistan, there are no shows or movies that can replace the foreign ones. So this ban means people will be forced to turn off TV sets, the Sputnik reported.

The Taliban have committed human rights violations since coming to power for a second time. Among their actions are rollback of women’s and girls’ rights, media censorship and attacks against mediapersons.

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