[Watch] Faulty Waste Disposal Leaves Harmless Reptile With 30 Stitches In Odisha!

Bhubaneswar: A 5 feet long harmless Indian rat snake had to undergo a painful surgery at the Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry of OUAT, Bhubaneswar, on Friday because of faulty waste disposal.

The injured snake, which is currently under the observation of the Range Officer Chendipada, needed nearly 30 stitches to put back its wounded belly part in the right position.

The reptile will be released back to the wild once the wound heals.

According to sources, Nirakara Mohapatra, a native of Chendipada of Angul district in Odisha, spotted the injured snake in his backyard around 6.30 pm on Thursday.

When Nirakar saw that a snake was trapped in a discarded mixer grinder jar and was struggling to release itself, he immediately contacted the local Snake Helpline volunteer Himanshu Dehury.

As Himanshu reached the spot, he saw that the snake was badly injured. He then called up Subhendu Mallik, the founder of Snake Helpline, to seek his advice.

Acting upon Subhendu’s directions, Himanshu, with the help of his friends, cut open the metallic mixer-grinder jar and released the snake. The entire procedure took nearly 1 hour.

Since the Government Veterinary Hospital was closed at night, Himanshu applied Betadine solution and did the dressing of the wound with a cotton gauze bandage.

Talking about the unfortunate incident, Subhendu Mallik said “We are facing such situations many often nowadays which is arising due to faulty waste disposal management. The edge of the hole of the metallic mixed-grinder cut the skin and flesh of the rat snake as it struggled more and more.”

You can watch the video here:

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