[Watch] ‘Let’s Split Amicably, Honourably’: Anubhav Releases Third Video, Asks Varsha To Face Forensic, Lie Detector Tests

Bhubaneswar: Ollywood actor and BJD’s Kendrapara MP Anubhav Mohanty has released a third video on his marital dispute with actress wife Varsha Priyadarshini.

In the 40-minute-long video titled ‘Untold Truth Part 3’, Anubhav challenged Varsha to undergo forensic, lie detector and medical tests. He also said that he would knock the doors of the Supreme Court, if necessary.

Criticised by Varsha for releasing videos on their marital dispute on social media, the actor-MP said that he never thought, not even in his dreams, that a day would come when he would shoot such videos, that too on his own marital dispute, and share them in public. He said that he had been forced to do so because of Varsha.

Anubhav said that when he filed for divorce in a Delhi court, he had also filed another petition, pleading before the court that the matter should not be made public as they were popular actors with huge fan followings. As a politician and popular actor, he said that he wanted to keep the marital dispute private for the sake of dignity of both parties.

“However, people got to know about the matter after Varsha filed a petition in a court in Cuttack. It was published in different sections of media and people got to know about it,” said the BJD leader.

“I have been painted as a villain for the last two years and have started speaking now in the last few days,” he said, while questioning Varsha on why was she silent when he and his family were being defamed.

“She has complained that she was being tortured for the last eight years. Why was she silent all this while? Why didn’t she approach police or any other organization? All her complaints came only after I filed for divorce. Isn’t it surprising,” he asked.

“I come from a joint family with several women family members. How is it that no one feels I disrespect them except Varsha,” he asked further.

“I’m a lawmaker, I know how to honour a woman, but at the same time I believe there has to be equal honour for a man too. Same way, a man and a woman must honour a transgender,” he said.

“When things were written against me, you (Varsha) were silent. Only a wife has freedom of speech, not a man, husband or a fan? You forced me to use social media to speak my heart out,” Anubhav said.

“Let’s split amicably, honourably because it’s high time. You have ruined my life. It has become your habit to go to the police station and level false allegations against me,” he said.

The MP-actor also spoke about an audio tape, in which he alleged Varsha abused him and his family. Pointing out that Varsha has denied that it was her voice, he challenged Varsha to under a forensic test to determine if it was her voice or not.

Anubhav also claimed that Varsha’s name and surname did not match on her birth/Class X/Class XII certificates/PAN/Aadhaar cards, which she has been using in banks, for filing I-T returns and passport.

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