[Watch] Sonu Sood Pledges To Rebuild Odisha Train Victims’ Lives: Dial This Number For His Helpline

Bhubaneswar: Actor Sonu Sood never fails to rise to the occasion whenever there is a tragedy or a calamity. This time, it is the Odisha triple train accident that caused over 200 deaths and more than 900 injuries. He shared a video revealing the initiatives undertaken by his team to assist the families affected.

Sonu Sood pledged to assist the Odisha train accident victims in rebuilding their lives, particularly by helping them establish sustainable businesses and providing educational support. His team is also actively working to secure employment opportunities for the affected families, recognizing the importance of stable jobs in their recovery.


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Sonu Sood has established a dedicated helpline to facilitate communication and reach out to the affected families. By reaching out to the number 9967567520 via SMS, he encourages those affected to connect with his team. Upon receiving an SMS, his team will promptly respond and extend support, offering a helping hand to rebuild lives shattered by the tragedy.

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