[Watch] What’s New This Diwali? Diyas Made Of Cow Dung From Cuttack!

Cuttack: Taking environment-friendly celebration of Diwali a notch higher, a couple from Cuttack has come up with diyas (earthen lamps) made of cow dung and other materials.

Rabindranath Ojha and his wife Rupanjali Ojha from Nuapada of Cuttack are ardent lovers of cows. They have been contributing to the services of cows from their limited sources for a long time. Since the cow dung is considered pious and is used in almost all pujas and religious rituals of the Hindus, they thought of using it to prepare lamps which are in high demand among environment friendly people.

Making the diyas from cow dung is not easy as the dry dung gets burnt easily. Rabindra had to make several experiments by using mixtures of different materials and finally succeeded in producing the diyas which can be used and disposed easily. He was ably supported by his wife in his endeavour.

He made these diyas with cow dung and urine, milk, curd and ghee, all of which are considered pious. The diyas are not fragile and strong enough to be transported.

But, unlike terracotta diyas which come at a high cost, Rabindra is selling cow dung diyas at no profit, no loss basis. “I do not intend to earn any profit from these diyas. It is not a business for me. Rather, I consider it a service to Go Mata,” he said.

An interesting feature of these diyas is that those do not go waste after use. “One has to simply put oil or ghee and wick inside the diya and set fire to it. It will keep burning, giving light and a pleasant smell. After the wick and oil are totally burnt, the diya itself will turn into ash which can be used as a compost,” said Rabindra.

Panchagavya: Diyas Made Of Cow Dung In Odisha’s Cuttack – YouTube

Rabindra said since these diyas are eco-friendly and bio-degradable and can be returned to the nature, their demand has gone up. “I will consider my labour fruitful, if more and more people use these diyas this Diwali and others take up its production in future,” he added.

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