WD-40: How To Lube, Degrease, Remove Rust & More

Cuttack: Haven’t you felt helpless and exasperated when an old screw is rusted and can’t be opened? Or when a stainless steel home appliance gets too many finger print marks on it?

There’s one product that can come to your rescue — it is WD-40. Originally built as a lubricant for the aerospace industry, the liquid has found use in the automotive and household space as a lubricant, rust remover or moisture repeller.

Here are some of the uses:

  1. Remove squeaks on hinges
    This is something almost every oil can do. WD-40 claims to do a bit more by preventing moisture build-up — useful for under-sink hinges. It is generally used as a lubricant on moving parts such as motorcyle chain.
  2. Removes Duct Tape
    Removing sticky tape residue is a job done well by WD-40.
  3. Removes and prevents rust
    While it can prevent rust, it can also dissolve surface-level rust.
  4. Loosen rusted screws
    If normal oils fail, do try soaking a rusted bolt or screw with WD-40.
  5. Keep weather stripping soft
    Door seals, gaskets get hard and brittle over time. This can be prevented by spraying this.
  6. Remove paint
    You can use WD-40 to remove paint from tiles
  7. Remove wax and crayons
    WD-40 is reported to be helpful in removing crayon marks from a variety of surfaces such as wood, laminates, tiles and metals.
  8. Clean gas burners
    Brass burners can be made squeaky clean with WD-40. Let it dry before turning on the burner.
  9. Loosen locks
    The liquid can be used to free up old locks and keep them in shape.

WD-40 is available at hardware stores and online. It costs around Rs 100 for a small can.

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