WhatsApp Adds Shopping Button

New Delhi: WhatsApp has added a ‘shopping’ button globally and in India as well. It will let users buy products from their chat windows directly.

Users can explore the catalogues of businesses, and order accordingly.

“Now, when a person sees the shopping button, which looks like a storefront icon, they will immediately know the business has a catalog so they can browse products and start a conversation about an item they see with just one tap,” the company said in a statement.

The feature will be available for WhatsApp Business accounts, which is currently being used by more than 175 million people in a day.

A recent survey revealed that 76 per cent of adults in India are more likely to do business with/purchase from a company that can be contacted via messaging than one that they cannot.

“In the future, we’ll make it possible to add items to a cart and check out, all within WhatsApp,” the company had said last month.

The new WhatsApp Shopping button is shaped like a storefront-like icon and will be available next to the call button.

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