When Mamata Banerjee Visits Puri, Should She Be Called Outsider: Dharmendra Pradhan

Kolkata: A three-member BJP delegation, led by Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, visited the state Election Commission (EC) office to lodge their objection against Mamata Banerjee’s ‘inflammatory’ statements.

“We have asked the EC to conduct the second phase of polling (on April 1) in a free and fair manner, just as they did in the first phase. We also brought to the notice of the EC that the local coast guard and marine police have confiscated a boat with Bangladesh registration, carrying goods and cash worth Rs 4 crore. Goons are trying to enter Nandigram through waterways. We have asked the EC to seal the ferry routes,” said Pradhan.

“There has been movement of people from the other side of Haldi river, from Diamond Harbour, from Falta towards Nandigram,” Pradhan added, referring to the big battleground, where chief minister Mamata Banerjee is contesting against BJP’s Suvendu Adhikari.

He said the CM is trying to create social unrest through her statements, which is a very worrying trend in democracy.

“What do we understand by the term ‘bhahiragat’ (outsider)? BJP MP Parvesh Verma, who is from Delhi, was termed as an ‘outsider’. Is he a bahiragat? In India, the constitution allows everyone to travel anywhere in the country at any time. If Didi visits Puri for prayers at Jagannath Temple, will she be called an outsider? You all visit Puri. Do you become an outsider? This is what is worth a thought. Anyone who is not a resident of the area during the election is an ‘outsider’. I’m also travelling to Bengal. Mamata Banerjee should be censured. Sitting in a constitutional post, she should be barred from talking like this. When responsible people talk in such a way, there is tension created in the society, which might lead to violence,” remarked Pradhan.

Asked about Mamata’s insistence on goons from outside the state being brought in by the BJP, Pradhan said anyone who tries to create trouble during election should be put behind bars, irrespective of which party he or she belongs to.

“But the West Bengal CM’s statement of intimidation towards Opposition parties is what we are against… She is using such language as she fears losing in the elections.”

Trinamool Congress chief Mamata said on Wednesday that she has been videographing ‘outsiders’ and has passed on the pictures to the police.

“I have videographed all the goons from outside. Let the polls be over, I will find out who is where and show who wields the power. I will also find out which traitor manages to give you shelter. If you think you can get away with the murder of Robin Manna, I will bring you all back. Where will you flee? Delhi, Uttar Pradesh or Bihar? There are other cases pending too. I will open those files again. I have not done so out of decency. Don’t try to cross the line,” she warned.

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