Woman Adds Sex Work As Experience On LinkedIn Profile; Know Reactions

New Delhi: A woman who added sex work as her experience on her LinkedIn profile has created quite a buzz on social media. Arielle Egozi, along with her other work participation added sex work to the list as well. She also wrote a long post on the same. It has gone viral online and the internet stands divided.

Arielle also works as a Creative Director. “I left an in-house job with fancy benefits two weeks ago and the reason I could do that was sex work. I had just enough saved from selling and engaging my image that I could ask myself if I was happy. I wasn’t. Yeah, the few grand I had stashed up over time helped, but the biggest reason I could walk away is because sex work shows me what my power can do when I own it intentionally,” she wrote in the caption of the post.

“Why is this different than any other client’s work?” she asked. The answer I have come to, again and again, is that it isn’t. So, it’s now up on my LinkedIn. As not only is my new standard for incoming creative clients that they be at least half as respectful, generous, and grateful as the John Does online, but that anyone who I partner with celebrates and accepts every experience as one I will inevitably bring with me into a project. They don’t have to understand it, but they better respect the hell out of it,” Arielle added.

Arielle’s post went viral online with over 9k likes and started chatter on LinkedIn. While some users hailed her boldness, others were not very impressed.

“Personally, I respect any woman who has needed to do this work in order to make ends meet and get by. Sometimes I think there is confusion about where true power comes from for women. We would never tell little girls that have been traumatised by sex trafficking or abuse that they are empowered by that experience. Once we heal from an experience like sexual trauma, there is no need to sell our bodies as our value is not tied up in our physical form. It comes more from souls. Would I hire someone who has been in sex work? Of course,” a user wrote.

Another person commented, “So, we can now advertise prostitution on LinkedIn? I mean, regardless of how we choose to phrase it, receiving monetary remuneration for sex is still prostitution. It’s no less illegal because the words have been nicely framed. If a burglar says his profession is to liberate precious artifacts, does the mere coinage of words make his work any less criminal?”

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