Worried About Going Out For Milk Everyday? Here Are Packs That Last 6 Months

Bhubaneswar: With the pandemic spreading rapidly, are you concerned about going to your nearest milk booth everyday as milk in polypacks usually has a 3-day shelf life? While there are some services such as Milky Moo and grocery delivery apps that can deliver milk at your doorstep, here’s a way to stock up on milk for months.

Tetra Pak

Ever since the lockdown, supermarkets and stores have been filled up with milk Tetra Paks, said Bharat Sahoo, an employee of Reliance Fresh in Cuttack. “Previously we didn’t have so many Tetra Paks. Now, people are buying packets in bulk for months,” he said. These have a shelf life of 6 months if not opened. They also don’t require refrigeration till you open the packet. Do note that once you open the packet, it lasts the usual 3 days. Amul, Nandini, Nestle, and Vishaka sell milk in Tetra Paks here.

“My husband used to go everyday and buy milk nearby. We don’t feel safe going out all the time. Now, we have bought 30 Tetra Paks of milk, which will easily last us a month and it is really convenient too,” said Rajashri Nayak, a housewife at Patia.


There are some companies like Mother Diary that make these milk packets that last for 90 days.

How Does It Last Long?

Tetra Pak is a 6-layered paper carton-plastic container that does not require any refrigeration or preservatives to keep the product fresh, claim most manufacturers. The milk stored in these undergoes Ultra-High-Temperature (UHT) process that sterilizes liquid food by heating it at a temperature of 135°C (275 °F).


Amul Taaza 1 litre –  63
Amul Gold 1 litre –  68
Nandini 1 litre –  50
Visakha 1 litre –  57
Mother Diary 450ml low-fat – 25
Nestle Slim Milk –  89

Some brands make Tetra Paks in 200 ml, 500 ml and one-litre sizes. Some have high-fat and low-fat variants as well. Do check expiry dates before purchasing.


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