Air India Mascot: Will Maharajah Have A Female Partner?

Mumbai: The iconic ‘Maharajah’, which has been synonymous with Air India for close to eight decades, is here to stay despite a change of guard in management. But Maharajah may soon find a partner – a ‘she’ with the he.

Campbell Wilson, the airline’s CEO, told NDTV that Air India aircraft are set for a design makeover. The new look, however, will not break the traditional airline’s rich legacy.

“Air India has 90 years of heritage. We want to carry elements of that forward. Equally, we need to look at the future. And we do need to demonstrate that we are not just rooted in the past, that we are also aspiring towards something in the future,” Wilson said in the interview to NDTV.

Tata Group acquired 100% stake in Air India a year ago.

Asked if Maharajah, with its moustache and turban, will feature in Air India’s revamp, Wilson said: “The Maharajah will certainly be part of our plans in the new look. He and may be a she will be part of the plans.”

Air India recently announced a multi-billion dollar deal with France’s Airbus and American plane-maker Boeing to buy 470 passenger aircraft, making it the largest shopping in commercial aviation history.

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