Apple Can Now Start Online Sales & Stores In India


The government has eased regulations for foreign companies to sell their products in India.

This will particularly help Apple which “could start online sales” in the country, according to media reports. Apple’s products are currently available via third party sellers only.

The recent changes are intended to make the Indian market more attractive to foreign companies and it will also let players like Apple to set up their own retail outlets in the country.

Now foreign companies are no longer required to source 30 per cent parts locally. Apple had opposed this as most of its parts are made in China. The company had reportedly lobbied to relax the norms in India.

The move will help the company directly sell its products online and offline without relying on third party re-sellers. It will reduce counterfeit Apple products as well.

In a statement, Apple said, “We love our customers in India and we’re eager to serve them online and in-store with the same experience and care that Apple customers around the world enjoy.”

The company, however, added that it will take some time to announce its first branded store in the country.


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