Are You Diabetic? Then Stay Away From These Five Ws

Bhubaneswar: With the world in the midst of a pandemic, a lot has been said about eating healthy and avoiding junk food. That’s how you can develop strong immunity and survive the deadly coronavirus.

Experts have stressed time and again that those with a medical history must take extra care. Here are five white food items that every diabetic must avoid or limit their intake for a risk-free life.

1. White Bread

The starch in white bread, which is made of all-purpose flour, gets converted into glucose rather quickly. This raises the blood sugar levels as well. Similarly, lip-smacking items like pastries, cakes, pizzas, bhature, puris are made of all-purpose flour, or maida, and should be avoided.

Switch to whole-grain bread and chapatis for a healthier you.

2. Refined Sugar

Sugar is a big ‘no no’ for diabetics because it contains a lot of calories and no essential nutrients. It also has a harmful effect on metabolism. Having sugar first thing in the day, especially, for a diabetic can lead to glucose spike.

If you have a sweet tooth, you can switch from white sugar to jaggery or palm candy (tal mishri), albeit in a limited quantity. Also, be cautious when replacing sugar with sugar-free alternatives, as they may trigger weight gain.

3. White Rice

While no one will tell you to completely cut off sweet, other carbohydrates or starch, it is advisable to replace white rice with brown. Like white flour, white rice has harmful effects on the body.

According to nutritionist Silky Mahajan, when rice is refined, the outer layer and germs are removed. Rice is only left with endosperm. This layer contains starch in a huge quantity, which can increase blood sugar or glucose level to a great extent.

Brown rice is the healthier version. If you cannot live without rice, replace basmati with normal rice.

4. Potato

Potato may an be hard to skip totally, so try and limit its intake. And if you can, replace potato with sweet potato. Potato contains carbohydrates, which is not good for diabetics.
If you want to eat potato, boil or steam it. Boiled or steamed potatoes are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber but low in fat, sugar and salt. Avoid deep-frying them.

5. Milkshakes

While milk is not harmful, milkshakes are. In any milkshake, there is an addition of an external agent — be it chocolate or fruits, plus sugar, which makes it harmful for anyone who has blood sugar.

The idea is not to skip food or meals, but to smartly replace it. Find the best alternative that agrees with your taste and doesn’t harm your body.

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