Ban On Mobile Phones, Bikes In Odisha College Welcomed By Students & Teachers

Balasore: Ban imposed by Fakir Mohan Junior College in Odisha’s Balasore on the use of mobile phones and bikes on the campus has been welcomed by the students and teachers who said the move will not only curb disturbances but also set an example for other educational institutions to maintain discipline.

Around 99 per cent of the students are coming to the college by cycles after the authorities banned the use of two-wheelers and other vehicles by them in an effort to create a conducive atmosphere for education, said a teacher.

Noting that the college authorities had first banned mobile phones on the campus, he said the students who were earlier coming to the college by two-wheelers are now commuting by cycles.

“The decision will definitely have a positive impact on the students as well as the overall atmosphere on the campus. We welcome and support the move,’ he said.

Stating that other colleges will be inspired by the move, a girl student said some rowdy elements who used bikes were creating disturbance on the campus besides harassing girls as well as women teachers.

“We are strictly following the restrictions imposed by the college authorities,” said another girl, who claimed that some outsiders, including students from other colleges, used to visit the campus and making obscene comments. “They were often posing danger to the students by moving in a very high speed,” she said.

“The initiative has been taken for the betterment of students and improvement of the college atmosphere,” said a teacher.

Referring to mobile phones, he said most students were earlier found busy chatting, messaging and talking during class hours, disturbing other students and faculty in the classroom.

Some teachers of the college had complained to the authorities about students getting diverted in the classrooms because of the mobile phones, he said.

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