Bhubaneswar AIIMS Surgeons Successfully Replant Thumb

Bhubaneswar: A team of doctors at AIIMS, Bhubaneswar has successfully replanted amputated left thumb of a man. The surgical procedure, which lasted for 10 hours, was performed Associate Prof Dr Sanjay Giri and team.

Informing about the first such surgery at AIIMS, Bhubaneswar, Prof Giri of Dept. of Burns and Plastic Surgery said a 54-year-old man Rabindra Muduli of Chandeswar in Khurda was brought to AIIMS Bhubaneswar casualty on April 20 with a machine cutter injury to the left thumb. Muduli had sustained the injury 5 hours before being brought to the hospital, he added.

The patient had a clean-cut complete amputation of the left thumb at metacarpophalangeal joint (MCPJ). However, the amputated part was brought by the patient in a well-preserved condition.

Soon after an examination, the amputated part was preserved and patient was taken for replantation 9 am in the morning under regional anaesthesia.

To start the surgery amputated part was first prepared under the microscope with careful dissection of digital artery, vein, nerve tendons followed by preparation of the corresponding structures at the recipient site. Under the aid of microscope each structure was replanted in a surgical procedure which took 10 hours, said Dr Giri. After surgery blood circulation in the joined thumb has been started. It means the replantation process has been successful. Gradually the thumb will start functioning with help of physiotherapy and other precautions, added Dr. Giri.

A team of surgeons comprised Dr. Sanjay Giri, Dr Santanu Suba, Dept of Burns & Plastic Surgery assisted by Dr Kaushik, Dr Ahana and Dr Gopika. In the Anesthesia team there were Dr Nitasha and Dr Pregmanshu.

Dr. Giri said it was a clean-cut complete amputated left thumb has been successfully replanted at AIIMS Bhubaneswar. Post-operatively patient recovered well with a viable replanted thumb and has been discharged after 10 days, he added.

“First six hours in such cases are very important. When such incidents take place the amputated part has to be wrapped with a gauge piece or cloth piece and the same has to be kept in a polythene bag. Then the polythene bag should be kept properly in an ice chamber. The separated part should not be exposed directly to ice,” said Dr Giri.

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