Bhubaneswar Girl Puts Up A Brave Fight, Foils Mobile Phone Loot Bid


Bhubaneswar: A young woman put up a strong fight to overpower the snatchers of her mobile phone in Odisha Capital.

The girl, Rinu Dhakua of Sarakantara area in the capital city was returning home from work at around 8.30 pm on Saturday night on a Bullet when two miscreants snatched her mobile phone.

Keeping her calm, Rinu decided to fight back and catch hold of the snatchers. Rinu said she returning home after work at a shopping mall at Vani Vihar when she noticed two youths following her on a bike. She was about half a km from her home when she decided to stop riding her Bullet and wait along the road so as to let the youths pass by. But, unfortunately that did not happen.

“After I stopped, I got a phone call and when I was speaking over phone one of the youths snatched my mobile and sped away,” she said. Her screams for help on the busy road went unheard. Not willing to give up she decided to chase the miscreants on her Bullet.

The young woman
Rinu Dhakua, the girl who fought with the mobile phone snatchers

After giving them a chase, Rinu managed to catch hold of one of them by the shirt and pull him down. “I caught hold of the pillion and he fell down. The snatcher fought back and even kicked me in an attempt to escape. Later a lot of people rushed to the spot for help,” she added.

She was successful in getting her mobile phone back after overpowering them. The onlookers immediately caught hold of the duo and informed police. Police reached the spot and took the two snatchers to their custody.

In the process, Rinu sustained multiple injuries on her face and hands.

Rinu has now been lauded for her bravery by police and locals.

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