Block Congress: Court Tells Twitter Over Copyright Violation

Bengaluru: A court directed Twitter to temporarily block the handles of Congress and its Bharat Jodo Yatra campaign for allegedly violating copyright norms, reported ANI.

The court took action on Monday following a complaint by MRT Music accusing Congress of using songs from the film ‘KGF 2’ in a video promoting Bharat Jodo Yatra featuring Rahul Gandhi.

The court said in its order that the Bengaluru-based music company has specifically produced a CD showing the side by side file, that is, the original version of its copyrighted work and that of the illegally synchronised version.

“These prima facie materials available before this court at this stage establishes that if same is encouraged plaintiff who is in the business of acquiring cinematography films, songs, music albums etc., will be put to irreparable injury and further same leads to encouraging the piracy at large,” the court noted.

The court directed Twitter to take down three links from the two handles and further ordered it to block Twitter handles of the Congress and Bharat Jodo Yatra.

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