Fuel Price Hike: Public Transport Gets Costlier In Odisha; Know New Rate


Bhubaneswar: In a spot for dwindling revenue, the Odisha government has decided to recover the rising cost of the public transport due to spiralling fuel prices from commuters by raising the bus fares.

The commuter now have to cough up five paise per km more for travelling in ordinary buses and 10 paise more for deluxe buses and AC deluxe buses, according to a notification of the State Transport Authority (STA).

Following is the hike in bus fare:

Ordinary 85p/km against 80p/km

Express 89p/km against of 84p/km

Deluxe Rs 1.21/km against Rs 1.11/km

AC deluxe Rs 1.49/km against Rs 1.39/km

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