Centre Amends MV Rules 1989: Getting A DL & LL Much Easier Now

Bhubaneswar: The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has amended the Central MV Rules 1989 along with cover sections 4-28, 76, and 77 (part) of the MV (amendment) Act 2019.

Making medical certificates, Learner’s License (LL), surrender of Driver’s Licence (DL) and Renewal of DL – everything is possible with electronic forms and documents, said an official notification. You can even print your own LL.


There is good news on the DL front too. The grace period for renewal of DL can be availed one year before expiry, till one year after expiry.

The National Register of DL and RC (Certificate of Registration) has come into effect, subsuming state registers of DL and RC. This will help in updating and accessing the data on real-time basis anywhere in the country.

The complete process of alteration and retrofitment has been brought under the legal framework. This will ensure fixing of liability on both the owner and workshops or authorised agencies performing alteration or retrofitment.



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