Cheer Up, 2.5 Lakh People Have Recovered From Coronavirus Globally


In what should be seen as a glimmer of hope in these difficult times, as many as 2,53,821 people around the world have recovered from COVID-19. The death rate is currently around 5 per cent globally.

China has seen the highest recovery with 76,964 cured of the disease, followed by Spain (38,080) and Germany (26,400).

There are 12,24,913 positive cases currently with 66,497 having passed away in the pandemic.

The United States leads the list with 311,656 positive cases with over 8,000 people having lost their lives.

The Centre for Disease Control (CDS) in the US has listed the following criteria for recovery of coronavirus-infected people:

  • No fever for at least 72 hours without using fever-reducing medications
  • Improvement in other coronavirus-related symptoms, such as cough or shortness of breath
  • A period of at least seven days has passed since symptoms first appeared
  • If they have access to testing, the criteria includes two consecutive tests that are negative and 24 hours apart, along with no longer having a fever and seeing improvement in symptoms.

Among celebrities, Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor has recently tested negative and Prince Charles, the future King of United Kingdom. has recovered from the disease.

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