COVID Vaccine: Moderna Trial Volunteer Has Side Effects Like Pain, Fever

A student from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who volunteered for the Moderna coronavirus vaccine trial said he experienced some side effects. He shared his experience of getting a shot of the coronavirus vaccine the show Fox & Friends on Fox News, India Today reported.

Jack Morningstar was quoted as saying, “I did experience some side effects after the first injection. I was a little bit fatigued and after the booster, I had a fever the next day but I was able to shake that with a couple of Ibuprofens, and there was some pain at the injection site, which I’m told is similar to what people experienced with the shingles vaccine.”

Since he had the fever, he was tested for the coronavirus twice and came back negative and said there’s been no indication he’s been sick nor does he think he has been exposed to anyone who is, Fox News reported.

However, Morningstar urged people to get it to save lives, the report added.

“I don’t think we should be fearful about a low-grade fever and little bit of arm pain. “That’s nothing. I do think that if you get the opportunity, whether it be a clinical trial or once it becomes publicly available, I would encourage everyone to do so because it will ultimately save lives and also help us establish some of the normalcy that COVID robbed from us,” he was quoted as saying

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