Do You Need 1 Crore Health Insurance? Discover for Yourself

Covid-19 is finally under control. However, the trails of destruction that the global pandemic has left upon us will still take several years to recover! In the wake of this destruction, the demand for various health plans across the country has increased evidently. The most common plans are standalone health insurance, family health insurance, health insurance for senior citizens, maternity insurance for critical illnesses, Health insurance with high sum insured, etc.

The question that arises amidst choosing plethoric health insurance policies and choosing the most comprehensive plan is which one suits your needs the best.

While most companies will suggest, you purchase comprehensive health plans such as 1 crore health insurance, deciding what’s the best is up to you. If you need extensive coverage for yourself and your family’s unique needs, then a comprehensive plan must be what you must go for, but does it mean you buy a plan with a high premium and derail your monthly finances?

Not really. Thus, today we will discover who should buy a 1 crore health insurance plan.

Health Insurance With High Sum-insured- Who Should Buy

If you are debating whether to buy health insurance with a high sum insured, then keep reading further. In this section, we have mentioned a few things that can help you decide whether the high-sum insured plan would benefit you.

1.If you wish to cover your joint family.

If you live with a joint family (of up to 6 members) with your parents, spouse and children, a health plan with a high sum insured might be helpful to cover them all. Suppose you live with your parents, spouse and two children, covering six people. In such a case, health insurance with a lower sum insured may only provide apt coverage to some family members. Therefore, you should buy health insurance with a higher sum insured or 1 crore health insurance.

2.If you have growing children

Growing children have their own healthcare needs. To top up, certain lifestyle diseases come with the sedentary lifestyle that children lead nowadays. To ensure that your children can be covered for the long term, it is vital to get them insured with health insurance with a high sum insured.

3.If your family has unique healthcare needs

Diabetes is the most commonly occurring problem in people above the age of 40. The severe conditions of diabetes may lead to further problems such as renal failure. High Blood Pressure is yet another common problem among adults, which, if not treated promptly, may result in issues such as stroke, haemorrhage etc. Similarly, specific other problems need quick attention and care to ensure a speedy recovery. Suppose you or the elderly of the family are suffering from issues such as hypertension, diabetes etc. In that case, you must get a financial cover that can protect you against any worsened conditions. Thus, a plan with a high-sum insured becomes important if your family has unique healthcare needs.

4.If you need no cap on services.

A medical crisis comes with significant expenses wherein the expenses such as doctor’s consultations, pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation are covered in most health insurance plans. However, allowances such as room rent, daily allowance, organ donor treatment, etc., are covered only up to a sub-limit.

Although these expenses may seem trivial, they can leave you derailed from your finances if not covered promptly. Therefore, if you wish to cover yourself from the expenses that come with medical urgencies, insurance with no cap or sub-limits, such as 1 crore health insurance, can be the best option.

Summing It Up

For a number of confusions hindering your decision to buy a health plan with a high sum insured, those mentioned above are a few asserting reasons. Now, when talking about the best options to choose from, Care health insurance shall be the best answer. The company with one of the highest claim settlement benchmarks promises to assist you in your healthcare needs in the most comprehensive way possible.

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