Eat Right And Stay Fit This Monsoon

After the scorching summer,  rainy season unarguably, is the most cherished, because it comes with a lot of fun-filled moments. 

The monsoon is nature’s most beautiful season is in full swing. Rains are known to make the weather pleasant, but at the same time proliferate the growth of bacteria, causing a host of health problems like indigestion, food poisoning, diarrhoea, cold and flu, viral fever and other infections.

During the rains, there is a high amount of humidity in the atmosphere due to which our body becomes low on immunity which is one of the main reasons for various common monsoon diseases like malaria, typhoid, indigestion etc. 

The body’s immune system is usually compromised during the monsoon hence it is important to take extra care of what you consume. Keep a sharp eye on what you eat and drink during the monsoon. 

So let’s discuss the monsoon diet plan to enjoy the season.  

Boil Water

Boiling water is a must during monsoon as it kills all the bacteria and germs. A  glass of boiled water, with lemon juice early in the morning on a regular basis helps release harmful toxins from your body. It is an easy and highly effective way of detoxing your body. 

It is also important to stay hydrated during monsoon as the humidity can make your body lose a lot of water in the form of sweat.  Experts recommend drinking a glass of boiled water first thing in the morning to wake up your organs and improve your bowel movement. You can boil the drinking water to kill harmful microbes and eliminate other impurities.

As most illnesses are waterborne during the monsoon season, don’t forget to drink 2 litres of filtered water every day.   You can alternate tea and coffee with immunity-boosting herbal drinks like Tulsi, Jasmine, Chamomile or Green tea and kadha to your diet to combat seasonal infections. They are rich in antioxidants which help in releasing toxins from the body and keep infections and flu at bay.

Just add ingredients like turmeric, tulsi, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, black pepper and allow the ingredients to boil and add some lime juice and honey.    

It keeps you healthy and builds up your resistance to fight against infections.  

Avoid Salt

Foods having low or medium salt content should be consumed as foods having a high salt content can lead to water retention which can further spike the amount of sodium in your bloodstream, leading to higher blood pressure. “Patients suffering from hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes must include a stable intake of salt in their diet. You can replace normal salt with rock salt.

Consume Seasonal Fruits

Seasonal fruits like jamuns, papayas, plums, apple, pomegranate, peaches, pears should be eaten to give your body the boost of nutrition and hydration to fight with multiple infections, allergies, rashes and diseases. 

Seasonal fruits can help in improving immunity and help fight seasonal ailments by restoring energy. It is advised to wash them with warm salt water to remove the dirt and check whether they are ripe and ready to eat .

However, you have to be extra cautious while washing all your fruits and vegetables (especially those being used for salads) during this season.

Fruits or fresh juice sold by roadside vendors should be avoided during the rainy season as there are high chances of being prone to fatal infections during this time. It is better to have fresh juice made at home instantly. Avoid watermelon, cucumber, and muskmelon, lassi, pani puri from roadside vendors as it may cause infection and waterborne illnesses. 

Avoid Fried Food

This might just break your heart, but it’s true. Deep-fried food like pakoras, samosas and kachori should be avoided as they could cause gastronomical complications like acidity, bloating and stomach upset. Always avoid heavy and oily food as the body’s digestion capacity is reduced in highly humid monsoon weather.

 Opt for grilled or tandoori items that require minimum oil/butter.  

Include Immunity-Boosting Food

Food which can boost the immunity should be consumed such as turmeric, garlic, seasonal berries, papaya, pumpkin, dry fruits, soups, beetroot, bitter gourd, tofu etc. They act as antiseptic and antibiotic.

Get Enough Sleep

Do not stay up late working or watching TV. Seven-eight hours of sleep bolsters immunity and prevents flu and common cold-like infections in monsoon.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising not only makes you lose weight but is great for immunity as well. It gets your heart racing, improves blood circulation. It also releases a lot of happy hormones like serotonin, dopamine which fortify your immune system against viruses and bacteria. Yoga, aerobics, jumping ropes, burpees are all great exercises.


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