EK Palaniswami Govt Alters English City Names To Match Tamil Language, Twitterati Confused

Chennai: In what came as a surprise to Tamilians, the state government has changed the names of 1,018 cities and districts in the state to make their spellings closer to their Tamil pronunciation. 

The news flashed after the Edappadi Palaniswami government passed an order on Wednesday based on the April 1 recommendation. As per the change, Coimbatore is set to Koyampuththoor, Mylapore is now Mayilaappor and Vellore is now Veeloor.

While the move is clearly in place to please Tamilians, it has garnered a varied response from Twitteratis who are in flux. The hashtag #NAMECHANGE is trending on Twitter with people giving polar opinions and sharing memes on the move.

While some are praising the name change;

many are clearly not happy about it.

Twiteratti has even called out the false timing of this move when the country is still steering through a pandemic. 

And of course, Twitter couldn’t forget Yogi Adiyanath who made headlines after he changed the name of Allahabad to Prayagraj, in this situation of name changing. Memes, which show the UP CM’s love towards the change of city name are circulating.

Moreover, the platform is also concerned about the situation of North Indians who they think will now be ever confused. 

Netizens are clearly having fun over this move while many continue to question the need for something like this.

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