Know Where Bhubaneswar Stands Among State Capitals In Voter Turnout


Bhubaneswar has earned the ignominy of being apathetic to exercising its voting right. In the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, the Parliamentary constituency once again put the state to shame with a voter turnout of only 59.60 per cent.

But an analysis of the voting trend reveals voter apathy is not restricted to denizens of the Odisha capital only. Other state capitals and metros such as Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru have fared worse than Bhubaneswar.

Among the 12 capital cities which have gone to the polls so far, Bhubaneswar stands at the sixth place. Guwahati tops the list while Hyderabad remains at the bottom with a voting percentage of only 39.42 per cent.

Capital cities and their voting percentages… 

Guwahati 85.11
Thiruvananthapuram 68.52
Gandhi Nagar 65.57
Bhopal 65.33
Jaipur 60 (approx)
Bhubaneswar 59.60
Chennai 59.01
New Delhi 56.9
Bengaluru 54.16
Mumbai 55.11
Lucknow 51 (approx)
Hyderabad 39.42

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