Finland PM’s 4-Day Work Week Proposal Fake


Desi Twitter sprung into ‘want to shift to Finland’ mode after news of a 4-day week proposal by Finnish Prime Minister Sanaa Marin became viral.

However, the news has been found to be fake and the Finnish government has also issued a clarification regarding the same. It said that there was no mention of a four-day week in the government’s programme and insisted the issue is not on their agenda.

The whole thing stems from the fact that earlier when Ms Marin was the minister of transport and communications in August 2019, she had made statements in favour of 4-day work week at the SDP’s 120th anniversary event.

“A four-day work week, a six-hour workday. Why couldn’t it be the next step? Is eight hours really the ultimate truth?” she said.

“I believe people deserve to spend more time with their families, loved ones, hobbies and other aspects of life, such as culture. This could be the next step for us in working life.”

“A 4-day week or a 6-hour day with a decent wage may be a utopia today, but may be true in the future,” she had tweeted.

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