Fireworks May Accelerate Spread Of COVID-19 Infection, Warn Experts

New Delhi: Health experts have urged people to stay away from firecrackers this Diwali as it can not only increase air pollution, but also accelerate the spread of COVID-19 infection.

According to a report in Outlook India, Dr Rahul Gupta of Fortis-Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi, stated that when contaminants in the air increase, then the rate of spread of coronavirus also increases.

When air pollution is high, more pressure is exerted on the lungs and more damage is caused to the cells, which in turn makes it easier for deadly viruses to attack our lungs.

Various studies have suggested that the areas where pollution is high, COVID-19 infections are also more.

Several states and cities have banned firecrackers to curb air pollution during the festival season.

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