Five Key Challenges Manoj Ahuja Faces As Chief Secretary Of Odisha

Bhubaneswar: As senior IAS officer Manoj Ahuja readies to take over as the next Chief Secretary of Odisha from July 1, the expectations from him and the challenges he could face are multiple, especially because the BJP has for the maiden occasion come to power in the state.

Here are the plausible challenges that Ahuja shall have to deal with:

1) Give Bureaucracy An Image Boost: Ahuja has to bring in changes to restore the image of the state bureaucracy, which has in recent years been branded as ‘partisan’ particularly because of some officers hobnobbing with politics. Ensuring a clean, transparent and accountable babudom is no mean task. And Ahuja has to apply all his skills, knowledge and experience to restore the confidence of the people and political class in the administration.

2) Deliver On Promises Made By BJP During Polls: The BJP has made lots of promises ranging from weeding out corruption and taking action against wrong doers to rolling out new schemes and solving Jagannath Temple-related issues. These, obviously, are easier said than done. A wrong move in haste could boomerang on the Mohan Majhi government. Ergo, Ahuja has to shoulder the responsibility carefully and effectively.

3) Strike A Balance Between The Stare & The Centre: This is a job that requires not just goodwill and rapport in both the top offices in Bhubaneswar and New Delhi but also ample tact and maturity to steer clear of conflict while ensuring that work is done. Because BJP is in office at both places it could be smooth at times and difficult at other occasions owing to several pulls and pressures and multiple power centres. Ahuja’s has to match the expectations of the Delhi Durbar while at the same time keep the new Majhi dispensation on track.

4) Review Controversial Decisions/ Schemes Of Previous BJD Regime: The Naveen Patnaik dispensation ruled the state for 24 long years. And the decisions it took and schemes it implemented might not be to the BJP’s liking. In fact, the saffron brigade has criticised the previous BJD government on different fronts, be it BSKY, Mission Shakti, 5T or KALIA. The new top bureaucrat has a tough task on this front.

5) Ensure Stability & Continuity In Governance: Bringing in a fresh approach is imperative to instil new hope and confidence. At the same the government cannot be seen to be engaged in witch-hunting. Which means Ahuja has to ensure stability and continuity in governance.

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