Watch: Gillette Appeals To Shave Off Toxic ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ Attitude


Gillette, the leader in shaving products, has launched an ad campaign that changes the 30-year-old tagline of the company ‘The best a man can get’ to ‘The best a man can be’. It appeals to shun misconducts such as sexual harassment, sexism, workplace harassment, bullying and harassment shown in films. Each of the short clip shown in the ad is justified with a casual “Boys will be boys” excuse, while exhorting men to be the change and set the right example.

The video has garnered 3.8 million views and Twitter exploded with mixed reactions. While some have welcomed it as the right step towards taking matters into their own hands and addressing the right issues, some have criticized it, saying it is fueling recent controversies such as the #MeToo campaign.

Daughter of the late civil rights legend Martin Luther King, Bernice King wrote, “This commercial isn’t anti-male. It’s pro-humanity”.

American actor and Donald Trump supporter James Wood called the whole thing ‘men are horrible’ campaign. Hollywood celeb Piers Morgan reacted saying the company ‘now wants every man to take one of their razors & cut off his testicles’.

PR expert Mark Borkowski told The Guardian that the advertisement is a “fantastically well-thought through campaign”, adding that the younger generation wants brands to have a purpose, not simply sell a product and “Masculinity is a huge part of Gillette’s brand, and there is a recognition in this ad that the new generation is reworking that concept of masculinity, and it is no longer the cliche once was.”


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