Hansal Mehta Had A ‘Painful Time’ With Kangana, Regrets Making ‘Simran’

Mumbai: Filmmaker Hansal Mehta regrets making ‘Simran’ in 2017 because of the ‘painful time’ he had with actress Kangana Ranaut during its making.

In an interview with Huffington Post India, Mehta revealed that Kangana, the lead actress of ‘Simran’, took charge on the sets and started instructing other actors in his presence. It was quite painful for him as he was the director of the film.

“Kangana completely took charge of the set and began directing other actors,” said Mehta.

The filmmaker also shared that he went through a financial crisis after the release of ‘Simran’ and was mentally disturbed for quite some time.

However, the filmmaker holds no grudges against Kangana. Though it was a bitter experience on the sets, he had a good time with the actress off the sets.

“Kangana, everything aside, is a good actor. She’s a fantastic actor. So who knows? Tomorrow there might be something and we might want to make a film together. Bitterness is pointless,” said Mehta.

‘Simran’ had an average run at the box-office and got mixed reviews from the critics and audience.


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