[Watch] ‘Indian Matchmaking’ Is Not Sima Aunty’s First Netflix Role; Her Daughter’s Marriage Was Shown On This Show

Mumbai: Sima aunty has become the talk of the town and memes are trending on social media, thanks to the immensely popular show ‘Indian Matchmaking’. If you thought this was Sima Taparia’s first stint in front of the camera, you are wrong.

Sima was part of a 2017 award-winning documentary titled ‘A Suitable Girl’, directed by Sarita Khurana and Smriti Mundhra. It was about the lives of three Indian women and their marriages. Sima’s daughter was one of them and the story involved their entire family.

‘A Suitable Girl’ is a more honest take on the world of arranged marriages in India, where tradition and modernity play a balancing act in the lives of women.

Sima’s daughter, a financial consultant working with Ernst & Young, gets married to a Dubai-based consultant. The documentary shows the intricacies of how marriages take place and how looks, money and tradition play a vital part in Indian society. It also shows how important marriages are in Indian society, and is often not an option to avoid for many.

You can watch ‘A Suitable Girl’ on Netflix. It is an hour-and-a-half show.

Fun fact: Sima aunty’s marriage consulting business is named ‘Suitable Rishta’.

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