Indonesia Embassy’s Honour For Biju Patnaik

New Delhi: The relationship between Indonesian and Biju Patnaik stretches beyond generations. The country once again showered its affection and love for the ‘Bhoomiputra’ by dedicating a lounge in his name at the Indonesian Embassy in New Delhi.

As per reports, the room in the embassy, themed on Biju Patnaik, will be used as a lounge for guests and as a conference room for its employees.

Dedicating the room in the embassy, Sidharto Reza Suryodipuro, Ambassador, of the Republic of Indonesia in Delhi said, “This is the least we can do to honour the braveheart who made significant contributions to our cause. And I hope, it will do justice to his memory.”

Biju Babu’s elder son Prem Patnaik and grandson Arun Patnaik attended the event. Prem said, “My father always treated Indonesia as his second home. The proudest moment for my father was when he was honoured with the title ‘Bhoomiputra’ by the Indonesian Government.”

The room in the Embassy features many pictures and memorabilia of Biju Patnaik as a great fighter pilot and patriot. Those include the ones from Indonesian Air Force who sacrificed their lives in the movement.

Bali Yatra depicting ancient ‘Sadhaba Puas’ setting off for Java and Sumatra islands in Indonesia remains a major attraction of the room. The picture is captioned Kalinga-Bali Yatra, Tryst With History On High Seas.

In July 1947, Biju Patnaik lent a Douglas C-478-20-Dakota to Indonesian Government which later served many purposes among transporting Indonesian leaders during their struggle in their National Revolution.

Prem Patnaik also contributed a picture to the embassy that featured President Sukarno sitting in the airplane with his signature Peci Hat.

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